Saturday, December 03, 2005

Re: Bonnie's greeting

Check out these books from your library:
These articles may also help:
Remember, semiotic texts carry different meanings in different contexts. Be clear as to what context you are referring to.
I hope this helps.

Bonnie Fu <> wrote:
Dear Aiden,

Actually, I do hope I can get some help from you at
this is about my essay I had to hand in on
16th this month.

I'm not sure if you have time to help me, but maybe
you could give me some direction for finding info?

Here is my topic: What social semiotic information can
texts convey? How can, or should, this information be

I borrowed some books titled 'social semiotics' but it
came out that finding a non-existing needle in a hay,
no clue at all. My teacher said they could not help
any students since it would be like favouring students
and till now I didn't find any classmates who is doing
the same topic :(

I hope I didn't sound too abrupt to throw questions to
you right after the greeting letter, though it really
seemed like so.

Thank you for taking time looking at me letter.

Have a nice day,


--- Aiden Yeh »¡¡G

> Hi Bonnie,
> It's nice to hear from you.
> No, I didn't receive your email :-( but thanks
> anyway. It's the thought that counts.
> How's your studies coming along?
> aiden
> Bonnie Fu wrote:
> Dear Aiden,
> How are you? I wrote to you long time ago, around
> Teacher's Day. Maybe I send to another e-mail
> account.
> The weather in Leeds is really amazing, sunshine,
> rain, wind all together in a day...soon there will
> be
> some snow I guess
> Hope everything goes well,
> Bonnie (YE5A, studies in UK now)

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