Monday, September 27, 2004

NKFUST Listening class presentation postponed to 10/11

group presentation postponed to October 11
I've decided to postpone your class presentation to October 11. I hope that this will give you ample time to prepare for your project. As this is a major presentation, I want you all to prepare and do a good job.

I am forwarding url links about famous explorers. Plese use them well. I also suggest that you go to the library and do a little research about the person that you're going to report about.

In addition, I'd like to remind you to prepare a listening worksheet for your classmates based on the material that you're going to present. The questions or items on the worksheet should look something like the listening activity that we have in our book.

Can you please let me know if you are amenable with the change of schedule?

You may post your responses on our blog at

Please let me know soon.

Aiden Yeh

We will proceed with the lesson on October 4, Unit 2. Crime.

URL Links

URL Links
I hope this helps.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

Academic writing Yahoogroups for my Research Writing class at wen zao

Some of you had already submitted your first assignment on choosing a topic and asking relevant research questions. I'd be posting my comments on your work by tuesday. Please be reminded that the forum for your first assignment will be closed by Wednesday 9/29.

The forum is at

Some of you also had subscribed to academic_writing at . Thanks for your short self-introduction. To make the onliine exercises at academic_writing work for you, please start with the Paragraph_structure folder [in the FILES Area]. Read the TUTORIAL first before taking the online exercises. You can take the exercises again and again until you're sstisfied with your scores. New sets of questions are given, and the exercises are jumbled so you don't get to do the same exercises.

Please write a short feedback after you've receive your scores and post your feedback at academic writing's yahoogroups.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Aiden Yeh


For sample feedback:

It went pretty well in the beginning, but I was mislead by the Grub
Gulch topic, it appears that I jumped to conclusions a bit too soon.

The reason why I jump to conclusion that soon was because of the
constant wording that was connected with memories. I got confused by
sentence,"The town where I grew up" mainly the grow up part. Then the
words, "I will never forget", "will last forever". All these words
had connections with memories.

This test is not difficult actually, but I was confused sometimes.
I chose the wrong "TOPIC" for the paragraph that talks about the
hometown of the author. HAHA~ Reading the paragraph again and seeing
the analysis, then I realized "Grub Gulch" is the topic for the