Thursday, September 14, 2006

Snippets about me

I was searching for my own podcast site for a course I was teaching two years when I saw quite a few articles or snippets written about me and my love for using podcast as a learning/teaching tool. I have received a couple of emails thanking me for posting all the good resources I've been using on my class blogs and podcasts and that they are actually beneficial to other teachers, but to actually read something about you that other people have written is really quite something. I was elated. At a time when I was experiening a hormonal related depression, these sites are very uplifting. So thank you to those people who wrote them. I may have met you before but my memory is really getting rusty. I just wish that I could always have clear, crisp memory of what happened in the past. I think, this is also one advantage of keeping blogs and podcast. They help us remember.

Anyway these are the sites that I have found:

Comprehensible input podcast
Literacy tent. org wiki This is truly special. I've been mentioned on a Wiki!
Language teaching Moodle Newsletter (doc)
Summer School podcasts
Discuss it globally podcast
British Council, Hornby