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Learning English kids Website

As posted by the British Council:

There are some new materials on the
British Council's LearnEnglish Kids website.
This month we have a new story. It's a
traditional tale from West Africa called
'Why Anansi has thin legs'. Anansi is a
spider, and to find out why his legs are
so thin you'll have to listen to the story!

There are some lovely flashcards and a
reading and writing worksheet to accompany

Students are also given the opportunity
to write a traditional story from their
country. They can send it in to us and
we will put the best ones up on the site.
It will be great to be able to read traditional
stories written by children all over the world,
so please encourage your students and/or
children to take part and send us a story:

As spring time arrives (on this side of the
earth anyway!) we'd like to remind you
about the activities based on the topic
of seasons which you'll find here:

Finally, a reminder, that you'll find lots
of tips for how to get the most out of
the material and topics on LearnEnglish
Kids, on the TeachingEnglish website.
Here's the link to the Teaching Children

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cardiff Online

Posted on behalf of Gavin Dudeney

Join us for IATEFL Cardiff Online - 'one of the biggest global teacher
development events ever'

The Cardiff Online website is now live at:

http://iatefl. britishcouncil. org/2009

The 'Cardiff Online' project is British Council / IATEFL partnership
which will provide online conference coverage of this year's Cardiff
IATEFL Conference.

If you can't attend the Cardiff conference, follow the event online!

Cardiff Online will provide teacher audiences worldwide with an
opportunity to share ideas with colleagues before, during and after the

Please see below for some background information, which I hope you`ll
find useful.

Hope you can join us!

Julian Wing
British Council Cardiff Online Project Manager

~~~~~~~~~ PROMOTING CARDIFF ONLINE ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

We'd like to encourage Teacher Associations, ELT institutions and ELT
bloggers to carry a link to Cardiff Online on their website, newsletter
or blog so we can spread the message and encourage more people to take
part in Cardiff Online.

We've produced some web banners which are available in different shapes
and sizes on the Cardiff Online website at:

http://iatefl. britishcouncil. org/2009/ cardiff-promotio n

~~~~~~~~~ CARDIFF ONLINE BACKGROUND ~~~~~~~~~~~~


Online conference coverage of the 43rd IATEFL Conference

The Cardiff Online website is now live at:

http://iatefl. britishcouncil. org/2009

The British Council and IATEFL have launched the Cardiff Online website
which offers web coverage of this year's 43rd IATEFL Annual Conference
in Cardiff.

The Cardiff Online website allows remote participants to take part in
one of the world's biggest ELT conferences through a variety of
resources including:

- Video recordings of selected sessions
- Audio recordings of selected sessions
- Live streamed plenaries and events
- Moderated special interest discussion forums
- Chat sessions
- Blogs and photo albums

To visit the Cardiff Online website, go to:

http://iatefl. britishcouncil. org/2009

This initiative builds on the earlier collaboration between the British
Council and IATEFL.

Last year, 1,600 teachers and trainers attended the Exeter IATEFL
Conference, and over 5,000 participated online.

This year we expect a much larger audience, and this is a real
opportunity to take part in the biggest online ELT training community.

The Cardiff Online website gives you an opportunity to share ideas with
teachers all around the world. There will be interactive coverage with
video presentations, reports and interviews 'almost live' from Cardiff.

We look forward to meeting you online, and hope that you will share this
information with your colleagues worldwide.

Gavin Dudeney - Honorary Secretary, IATEFL
Julian Wing - British Council Cardiff Online Project Manager
Nik Peachey - IATEFL Online Editor

~~~~~~~~ IATEFL Press Release - March 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~

There are many thousands of professionals for whom attending the
conference is usually no more than a dream because of the costs involved
in travel to UK. This year plans are afoot to make the event accessible
to many thousands more participants from around the globe through a
virtual community space, known as 'Cardiff Online'

http://iatefl. britishcouncil. org/2009

This initiative builds on the groundwork laid at our two previous
conferences. It is an exciting and truly ground-breaking innovation made
possible through collaboration between IATEFL and The British Council,
and one that is very much in line with the charitable aims of IATEFL. It
promises to be one of the biggest global teacher development events

So what happens? A teacher in Mongolia, or Nepal, Venezuela or Ethiopia
will be able to sign up and participate in the conference from their own
country. All the plenary talks, as well as a sizable number of other
presentations will be shown live over the Net or recorded and made
available on the conference site. We will also have forums to discuss
all aspects of our profession, photo albums, chat sessions and prizes
especially for our remote participants. A large team will be in place
behind the scenes to bring the event to the remote audience, which is
anticipated to be in the region of 20,000 participants.

This year certainly promises to be different.

Marion Williams

President, IATEFL

Gavin Dudeney - Project Director, The Consultants- E

c/ Ceramica 54, 08035 Barcelona, Spain

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http://www.theconsu ltants-e. com

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CONNECT conference announcement

This is to remind you of the free online conference starting in a
few days, May 17/18-20.

Our theme this year is CONNECT: Conversations on Networking,
Education, Communities, and Technology, and though not specifically
mentioned in the theme, many members of the Webheads community of
practice, http://webheads. info, are practitioners in language

This is the second time our community has hosted a free online
conference. You can replay the first one at http://2005.

This year we kick off in a pre-show event at 22:00 GMT May 17, with
the start of a Webcastathon hosted by http://www.worldbri
The conference itself starts at midnight GMT May 18 (evening of May
17 in the USA) with a keynote speech by Leigh Blackall and continues
for three days with more talks by Stephen Downes, George Siemens,
Etienne Wenger, Robin Good, Barbara Ganley, Teemu Leinonen, and many
other presenters whom you can see on the schedule at

To attend the conference you can register for free at
http://www.webheads inaction. org and use the calendar there or the
schedule link above, or our online help pages, to work out how to
access the presentations and make comments or join forums. The will
be a voice stream of most events available at
http://www.webheads inaction. org , as well a live chatroom for use
during the conference, and we hope to have someone live online
available to assist you at any time during the conference at
http://www.tappedin .org

We look forward to your joining us May 17/18-20 for this unique
adventure in online professional development. We hope it will be
educational and F.U.N.

Vance Stevens
WiAOC Coordinator