Tuesday, October 26, 2004

what to bring to class on 10/27

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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 23:28:08 +0800 (CST)
Subject: Re: ¦^«H: what to bring to class on 10/27
To: Aiden Yeh

Aiden Yeh <aidenyeh@yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear Aiden:
It would be nice if you do your own way of grading us based on the proceedings of our research paper.  It sounds more reasonable to test us "on how well we have applied what we learned."  It is my opinion.  Thank you.
Sincerely, Ariel

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Aiden Yeh
PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Re: ¦^«H: what to bring to class on 10/27

OK, I was just asking about the quiz. I wasn't sure if there's any- now if there isn't any- fine- that's good- I think :-)
The previous professor of this course gave quizzes [every chapter] and both midterms and final tests based on the lectures.
I have two chocies, one: follow what the other professor did, or two: do it my own way with your [all of you] approval, that is, you will be graded based on the proceedings of your research paper.
You're now about to write notes based on your chosen materials and I think when midterms comes you will be at the introduction stage already. I could use this as basis for your midterm grades. Instead of testing you on how well you memorized your textbook, I would, on the other hand, test you on how well you have applied what you have learned in class [the practical approach]. Are you with me on this?
Take a vote. You decide. Let me know.

angelahsin@ms.aidc.com.tw wrote:

Dear Aiden,
Appreciating your comment, but I don't remember that you ever told us there will be a quiz in our class!
Researching writing is a tough mission for me. Since I survived the big operation last May, I started to get information related to my cancer, and according to my investigation, this kind of cancer would be recur in 5 years if I keep on receiving the hospital treatment. I have to find the other ways to treat my disease by myself. That¡¦s why I have so many books in my house. Now I¡¦m working on collecting information from my books that are all in my bookshelves.
My first problem is that I didn¡¦t take the course which is related to writing skills last semester, and this year is my second year in Wenzao. All my references are from Chinese books, that means on the hand I collect the references, the other hand I have to translate every paragraphs into English, and I¡¦m just taking the elective course, the basic translation strategies, this semester.
The second question is that some of my Chinese books were translated from English original, can you provide the APA reference style for that kind of books? I¡¦m not clear about the form.
Thirdly, what kind of quiz or midterm will be suited for the researching writing? I¡¦m worry about the achieved percentage of my scheduled, how can I deal with the quiz? I don¡¦t think I have spare time for that.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Angela Hsin
AEF \ AIDC (www.aidc.com.tw)
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Fax: 886-7-6284148
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E-Mail: angelahsin@ms.aidc.com.tw

Aiden Yeh <aidenyeh@yahoo.com>

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¦¬  Â¥Ã³  ÂªÃŒ:
what to bring to class on 10/27

Bring to class your research materials, the notes that you have or the ones you took when you went to the library or the ones you found on the Internet. Print them or photocopy [the ones which you think are relevant to your research]. We will try to do some paraphrasing and interpreting of data on Wednesday.
By the way, did I tell you when we're going to have a quiz, units 1-3?
Can somebody please refresh my memory?

Aiden Yeh
PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham

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Aiden Yeh
PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham

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