Tuesday, September 14, 2004

NSYSU Oral Training 2

It's the first day of school in NSYSU. We had a meeting at 12:15 noon but I was 15 minutes late. It's a good thing that they still were having lunch when I arrived. It took about another 5 minutes before the meeting actually kicked off.

My 3-hour Oral Training 2 course went fine. It was a long class, but somehow I got the feeling that I'm going to like this class. For one, the students are smart and they look pretty responsible and diligent. That's a good start. Secondly, they speak English well. Although there were some mistakes [mostly lexical] they were however conscious of using the correct grammatical form. So, that's OK, too.

Tomorrow, I'll be teching Oral Training 1 for 1st year students also at NSYSU, and I'm not exactly sure what my students will be like. One assurance that I get is the fact that this university is a good university, it's a National university and it's difficult to get in. Those who get in are considered excellent students. So, isn't that reassuring?

Gotta go. I still have to prepare my syllabus for Language and Culture.


Blogger Blast!

New semester. New classes. New students. New tools. E-tools-that is. I've decided not to create a Yahoogroups for my classes this school year and instead, try out blogs. I'll report here, every now and then, what's cooking in my classes. I just hope that my students will be nice and won't make my blood boil. I'll also create quick links on the dashboard to easily access my classes' blogs. I hope that this will work out.

'keeping fingers crossed,