Saturday, April 30, 2005

My voice translation

Teresa's 6th graders sent me voice messages, asking me how to translate Hello, Good Morning and Goodbye. This is the reason why I asked my son, CJ, to do the Chinese translation for me. I also did my translation and I used my old Avatar to do it. I think, looking at an animated character while listening is far interesting to kids than to simply listen to my voice.

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Here's Tere's email message:
Dear Aiden,

Here are the messages that my students wrote and recorded in class this morning with HandyBits. Pedro G. represents 6F and Teresa represents 6G. I hope you enjoy them!

They heard your message twice and understood most everything. Then I showed them the text and had them think about a reply. They really enjoyed learning the new words. In fact, they enjoyed the whole class. You can see what they had to do at

Thanks for your reply in YM.



I'll try to upload their voice files and link them here.


CJ's got his own avatar from sitepal!

CJ's Avatar Posted by Hello

This is CJ's avatar from Site Pal. I asked him to record his voice translating 3 basic Chinese greetings, Hello, Good Morning, and Good bye. He thinks that it's fun recording his voice and teaching other children (Tere's students in Portugal) some basic Chinese words. I also think that this is a good way for CJ to brush up his English, which is really getting rusty.

This is what we did today. Click here to see and listen to CJ translate!

Cj is now learning how to play "Fur Elise". Posted by Hello

CJ plays the flute

Click here to listen to CJ, my eldest son, playing 'La Curacha'.

Click here to listen to CJ play the theme song from a Chinese Kung Fu Movie.