Saturday, November 20, 2004

October 24, 2004, Sunday, Regular Webheads' Meeting at Tappedin. On this screenshot, you could see Rick [upper left], me [next to Rick], Claire B. Siskin, and Batman, er, Vance the man [he was making faces because my son, KC, was also making faces :-)] Posted by Hello

This screenshot was taken on November 06, 2004 during Michael Coghlan's online conference. The graphic that you see is Michael's road map. This conference was also being projected live from the site. Unfortunately, the video wasn't captured here. It was interesting, however, to see Michael and hear his presentation. Posted by Hello

Michael Coghlan's YM conference on September 24, 2004. On the photo is Bee [upper left], next to Bee is me, right below Bee is Buth.  Posted by Hello