Saturday, October 23, 2004

what to bring to class on 10/27

Bring to class your research materials, the notes that you have or the ones you took when you went to the library or the ones you found on the Internet. Print them or photocopy [the ones which you think are relevant to your research]. We will try to do some paraphrasing and interpreting of data on Wednesday.
By the way, did I tell you when we're going to have a quiz, units 1-3?
Can somebody please refresh my memory?

Aiden Yeh
PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham

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joy's blog and request for feedback

I did send you my feedback. I posted it on your blog site, on this url,
You can check your working blog url from students' blogs' list at
On top of this, I also sent you a reminder of your assignment for 10/27.
I hope this helps.

yu-chun <> wrote:
Last time we practice to list the questions for the topics. I didn't receive the common or suggestions from you. aren't you forgetting to reply for us?
Topic; surrogate
Q1.who's the mother of the child born to a surrogate?
Q2.Is the surrogate interfered in family value?
Q3.surrogate is benefit for recipient?
Q4.whether the surrogate will be the way to get a lots of money or not?
Q5. Is it a good thing(surrogate) for helping the couples to have a child?


Posted by yu-chun to Wen Zao Ursuline College of Languages at 10/12/2004 08:34:08 AM

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updated students' blog index, grades, and assignments

I've posted on everyone's blogs this message:

This is just to remind you that you need to submit your references on Wednesday, 10/27 typed-written on A4 paper using the APA style.


You can monitor your grades and class standing by clicking on the link [under Grading system] at

Each assignment will earn you 5 points, 0 for no submission, 1 for late assignments, anything in between will depend on the quality of your work.


I should warn those who have been regularly absent and late in submitting assignments. I won't be lenient this time. It's time for you to shake up and do your work!

Aiden Yeh




Aiden Yeh
PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham

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Vivian's blog address wrote:
To: Aiden Yeh
Subject: Re: blog address
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 22:50:37 +0800 (CST)

Dear Ms. Yeh,

With regards to the blog address I submit to you, i found that i made a little mistake. Actually, it should be added 2001 beyond the happypapa. Therefore, I would like to revise the blog address i offer tonigh in the class. The correct address is

Sorry for it :( and thank you1:) from Vivian

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Aiden Yeh
PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham

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