Wednesday, May 04, 2005

CJ's response to Tere's students in Portugal (2)

Click here to listen to CJ!

In this voice file, CJ greets his portuguese friends with Ola! and continues to introduce his name, I'm CJ (Wo Shr CJ). He then asks, "What's your name?" and translates it in Chinese, "Ni Chao Sha Ma Ming Tz". He ends his recording with, Adios.

Cj was excited in doing this recording. He had to practice 3 times ;-) and he's definitely looking forward to the next audio recording.


From Teresa and her students:
Dear CJ,

Here's a voice message that your Portuguese friends in 6G recorded for you this morning in class. They heard your message and said each of the three words in Chinese, English and Portuguese. It's not crystal clear because they recorded it in chorus, but it shows you how they enjoyed your message.

I love listening to you play La Cucaracha on the flute! Way to go!

Hope all is well with you and your family!



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Teresa said...

You were very good playing the flute in the video. It was difficult, but you made it. We know that song, but we don't play in the flute. We learned "Ode to Joy".
Bye-Bye from 6G