Sunday, January 16, 2005

on students' collaborative work

Hello Webheads,
Thanks for contributing your ideas; your comments and suggestions provide different perspectives on how to tackle my dilemma. Based on everything that has been said so far, this is what I plan to do the next time I assign group projects:
1. Individual grade based on individual contribution to the task and a group grade which is an average of the students' individual grades.
2. Grades should be based on the criteria specified on the rubric
3. Students also work on their group assignment in class [for a period only- not the entire class session]. I could also take this opportunity to have the group-teacher meeting.
4. In connection to #3, groups should also present/show me a project development report, a presentation of records of the completed tasks, grades, filled-in rubrics.
 [I did #3 and 4 with my Oral training 1 class on their tele-drama assigment, but I have only 16 students here, I've got 50 in my language and culture!]
That's about it. But the crux of the matter still boils down to guiding students on learning how and what it takes to work in groups, and this should be done during the first few weeks of class before assigning projects [like what Daf said]. I would like to do some reading on this, any books or articles online? I know that the EVO2005 is offering a session on this, CLandGE, I'm helping the moderator, George Jacobs, with his YG, I might just learn more than I thought.
Thanks people.
 What will I do without the webheads?
this will be put on my blog as part of my tpd thing ;-) 

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