Thursday, December 16, 2004

husband needs help

Ok, I got your attention;-)

What is this hullabaloo about?

If you speak spanish [either from Spain or Mexico or any other country where spanish is spoken], then you could help me. A matter of sanity [mine exactly, not Miki's]

If you don't, you could either delete this message or read [and listen] and join in.

Ad jingle

Miki saw a TV commercial [Civic commercial] from and I guess, the music got into him. He could not figure out what it says but he insists that it's something sad and emotional.

Tech Stuff

He asked me to convert the file to .wav so he could save it on a CD and listen to it. Yes, 12 tracks of the same song! Crazy? You bet! Obsessed? Definitely! I did what he asked me to do. Now he's asking me to transcribe and translate the song. I could understand a few words but he wants 'sentences' and 'meanings'.

Webheads to the Rescue

Maria was online at the time I was scouting for a Spanish webhead. 'sent her the file, and listened to it. Now, we found out that it's Mexican spanish, so there were some words that were difficult to understand.

Miki's getting real pushy. i told him, I can't write to Webheads because of this song?! He says "why not? That's what friends are for, right?" Remember the phrase, "The Look", well, he flushed his one of a kind look, and so, here I am, writing, bugging webheads to help on a certainly "off-topic' matter.

What To do

I will be uploading the .wav file to our YG and will inform everyone. Click 'open' to listen or you can just go to eveonline2002_webheads yahoogroups and go to files section and open the file.
I'll be creating a temprary folder for this which I will soon delete as soon as I get the translation.

I hope that some of you could help me on this. [mik just turned off the cd-which had been playing since dinner time] Thank God!

If there's a sound track [complete version] please let me know. Name of artist would also be great. Transcription in spanish would be awesome. translation [i could use google]

Thanks in advance webheads.

if you truly love someone you'd do anything- no matter how crazy that is. I guess, if Miki's nuts, that makes me 'nuttier'- duh?

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