Thursday, December 16, 2004

civic jingle- transcript and translation

By Birgit:
I think he's saying "tengo una espinita que marca mi huella, tengo
una espinita que canta al dolor [lo canto??? aún]
¿Pa qu?pa qu?seguir llorando pa qu?
??? la puerta y ver?br> ??? la puerta. Oyele.

Tener una espinita clavada means that something is tormenting you
Marcar la huella is to leave tracks

(meaning that the he's got a thorn in his side (figuratively
referring to his sorrow???) which doesn't let him live, it follows
him like a shadow (in his footsteps) or possibly leaves its tracks
on his heart??? and sings of/to his pain ???)
By Andy and his staff:
Hi Aiden:

Well we certainly have a large Mexican staff in our Technology Center in Chicago
and I've had a number of them listen intently to the recording. The consensus
is, this is Spanish from somewhere in the Caribbean, perhaps Puerto Rico.
Peinita is one word not found in the various states of Mexico.
"Whatever this "Peinita" that marks my footsteps and I have the same "Peinita"
that marks my pain. There is no use in crying."
Tell Miki you do have friends and they do come through for you, albeit not
Happy Holidays'
Andy Pincon
By Maria:
Tengo una espinita que amarca? Mi huella
Yo tengo una espinita que canta? el dolor, lo canto?
Pa qu?pa qu?seguir llorando pa qu?
La ??.la puerta? Oyele


I have a little thorn that ..... my footstep
I have a little thorn that sings? hurt, I sing it?
Why crying? why?
The....... door? Listen!

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