Sunday, November 21, 2004

RE: student feedback

Thanks Phoebe. No wonder it has been left un-answered :-{ I'll change it, and will let you know once it's done. If there's anything that needs correction, please let me know.

Phoebe Qiu Phoebe Qiu <> wrote:
Dear Aiden:
Good morning! Here is a message for you.
I can't make the choice of the first one question because my
presentation was about "culture." Do you remember the ads talk about many
countries' cultures, like the ad in Japan (pepsi' Ad).
So, what can I do? Should i continue it? I'll be looking forward to
your reply.

May you have a nice day!


1. Which group do you belong to?

Kirin Beer Group

Soy Sauce Group <---- I think this doesn't belong to here! No one
does this in our class!

Mitsubishi Group

Shampoo Group

Madama Chiang Kai Chek Group

President Lee Teng Hui Group

Aung San Suu Kyi Group

Mother Teresa Group

Adolf Hitler Group

>Please the online survey at
>The purpose of this survey is to gauge the effectiveness (or lack thereof)
of the Stereotype in Advertising project and the Social and Political
figure project on students learning of the Stereotype in Gender Roles and
Social and Political changes units. It will take less than 10 minutes to
complete the survey. Your answers will be treated condifentially and
anonymously. Thank you.

Aiden Yeh
PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham

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