Saturday, November 27, 2004

Comments on architecture students presentations

Hi Daf,

Your students did great. I'm suprised when you said that they did their ppt on
the last minute. It looked like they were all well-prepared. The photos on their
ppts were not only visually attractive but they also helped the audience
understand better the content of their presentation.

The following are my comments/suggestions, please feel free to pass them on to
your students:

1) name the slides
2) for the presenter- introduce self briefly before jumping onto the
presentation material
3) For each group, the first presenter should state an outline of what they're
group is going to present and who's going to present what, this way the audience
know what to expect from their presentation

4) They were well-prepared and despite experiencing some language problems they
were able to show credibility
5) they know what they're talking about and this obviously show that they're
work is well-researched
6) they were quick to answer questions
7) they acknowledge feedback from the audience
8) Overall, they did great. It's difficult to present in 2 environments, f2f and
online, and your students pulled it through

Problem on my end

I had been having connection problems for weeks until this afternoon. Buffalo,
the air station I'm using, seemed to be reading other people's internet access
points. I get different signals and that's when windows shut off my internet
access. I had to log in several times- and it was really a bummer. I think this
was the reason why I lost my recording. And this somehow pushed me to nag Miki
this morning and told him that he's got to fix it or else...He fixed it alright,
and that's why I was able to join Bee's students without losing my connection-
and for once, it felt good :-)

Anyway, it's midnight here and time for my beauty sleep (see, John, vanity can
be contagious)

Bee and Chris, I'll send my feedback tomorrow.



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