Monday, March 21, 2005

I asked my brother who happens to run an ad agency to come up with logo studies for my 'dream' restaurant/take-out place. I've been toiling with this idea for some weeks now and I'm not sure whether I should give it a go. It's the fear of not making it that makes me quiver. But I really need the money to support my studies and at the rate I'm going I'd end up burried in debt if I don't do anything now. So, which logo is better? Which name is better? Posted by Hello

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Sarolta said...

I like all the logos, but I prefer Mi Casa Espanola and La cocina. I think both can be nicely matched with the restaurant's interior. They evoke a feeling of authenticity, and I'd expect to get traditional Spanish dishes in a restaurant carrying any of these two logos. I cannot make up my mind about Cocina Espanola. And finally La Buena Vida would make me expect a bright, modern and sunny restaurant.
All in all, it might be best to try out the logos by carrying out a survey among the very people you want to attract. Good luck with your project.