Thursday, March 31, 2005

2005 Internet Fair

I was supposed to present at TESOL's EV 2005 Internet Fair. unfortunately due to financial reasons, I won't be able to attend :-( Posted by Hello

Here's what's posted on EV's CALL-IS website:

“Listening and Speaking” will be represented by Aiden Yeh, who will show various online videos such as commercials, video trailers, and video résumés that can be used to enhance discussion on language and culture-related topics. Lesson plans, task requirements, and samples of students’ projects will be included. Vino Reardon will demonstrate the use of Internet sites for additional listening practice and background information for a content-based speaking and understanding course. URLs of useful sites and sample worksheets will be provided.

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Bee said...

Same here Aiden! I know how you feel. Fortunately you have managed to do some creative work to overcome your momentary obstacle. :-)
Great explanation of your work at LT with Michael and Vance.